Gifting. De-stressed.

16 Dec 2021 by Ishu

The other day, a bunch of us were talking about the holiday season and gifts. For many of us, receiving gifts brings out the child in us; we cannot wait to unwrap stuff, all the while trying to guess what it could be. But there is an art & science to gifting. 

It was a revelation to me that gift-giving caused huge anxiety to some of my friends. The constant worrying about the 'right' gift can be burdensome. 

Well, (and hopefully I don’t come across as smug here) for me, gifting has never been a problem. Because I simply say it with food! Hampers of jams, jellies, preserves, pickles, bread, chocolates - the list goes on. 

As it turns out, for my friends, choosing and giving the right gift is fraught with all kinds of stress points. So, they end up looking at tips on gifting online, trying to find out what the other person would like (do-it-in-stealth-mode-by-asking-seemingly-innocuous-questions), agonizing over whether their gift will be received with genuine (emphasis on genuine) love and acceptance and deciding on the right budget for the gift. 

Wow! That’s one too many stress points, isn’t it?

Which brings me back to the world of food. And the convenience of online gift-giving. I have never heard of people hating candy! Even the most ardent candy-naysayer will always have that one candy that they don’t mind eating. So, really, where can you go wrong when you gift candy? Wait, can you even go wrong with these sweet treats?

I realized this with CandySwag and wanted to ensure that you find the process of gifting stress-free and convenient too. 

By giving the (gift) receiver the ability to choose the candy they like, you take away all possible anxiety associated with holiday (or any other occasion) gifting. 

Everybody says, “It’s the thought that counts.” I am amending it and saying, “It’s the thought that counts, especially when it’s candy.”

Happy Holidays and Glorious Gifting to you!   

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