Graduation Day - New Beginnings Galore! Top 5 ideas for gifts

15 May 2022 by Ishu

Graduation Day is a perfect day in more ways than one. It brings together multiple emotions and it also symbolizes a unique combination of an end and a beginning rolled into one. It may be the end of one phase of life but it is also the beginning of another stage in the real world. 

Graduation Day is just the best day to show your love to the young person embarking on an adventure. Wishing them success and courage can take on different forms and one of them is Graduation Day Gifting! Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Given the mammoth range of choices here, you cannot go wrong with jewelry! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings - take any ‘category’ and find that perfect piece of jewelry they will cherish. Here’s an interesting thing you can do - gift them something that has a personal connection - perhaps their birthstone or maybe something that has a nostalgic note to it. For instance, you could put together a charm bracelet with all the things they love. 

Gadgets, tech accessories, appliances
An all-time favorite - even with people who do not like gadgets!  Everybody has a cell phone these days and they would love to have a powerbank. Travel cases for gadgets is an accessory that is always useful. Wireless chargers, coffee makers, bluetooth devices, smartwatches & wearables, beverage holders and e-readers - the options are endless. 

Ah! The all-time favorite choice and something that we love as well! How can you go wrong with something that’s sweet (or savoury), edible, and legendary? You can always find something to wish the young graduate in a really unique way. Habanero Rockets to wish them a spectacular launch into the world? Or maybe Champagne Celebears to raise a sweet toast to their success? Or even an assorted collection of candy to wish them a life that’s like a “box of chocolates” - surprising and adventurous. Let your imagination run wild!

Stationery & desk accessories
An oldie but a goodie! Even in today’s age of digital-everything, things like notebooks, pens, desk accessories, organisers, desk lights, portfolios  and so on are really useful. A lovely journal to help them note down their thoughts, a fidget toy that sits on their desk, desk organisers, pen holders - so many choices that help them enjoy great storage & management solutions as they start their careers or embark on other paths in life. 

Bags and travel accessories
Here’s a veritable cornucopia for you to consider - bags of all sizes, shapes and colours. Travel bags & accessories are very useful gifts at this stage of a graduate’s life. The chances are rather high that they will go out & see the world at large. Backpacks, compression bags, travel pillows, luggage scales, travel adapters, luggage tags and travel mugs are some interesting options for you to consider. 

At the end of the day, it’s about you putting a lot of thought into your gift for the young graduate - happy shopping to you!Happy Graduation Day!!

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