our story

They say giving is even more joyful than receiving. Sure doesn't feel that way for many of us who get stressed about gift-shopping. I always found this paradoxical.
It comes from the anxiety of being unsure whether the recipient will like the gift that you chose for them. I wanted to solve this. I think I have.

I am a professional chef with various businesses all tied to one passion -- food! I do tend to use food as an answer for almost everything. And candy is an answer to almost every occasion.
I think the only thing better than gifting candy to someone is gifting them the ability to choose their own candy as per their individual taste. 
Ever since moving to the Netherlands few years ago, I have traveled the length and breadth of Europe to explore and curate premium confectionery made with the finest ingredients.

CandySwag represents the best of all that gives me joy personally -- travel, food, and gifting. In this post-Covid era of socially distanced home-bound living, traveling across the world is not an easy ride.
But at least we can spread joy through this travelogue of candy, a return gift from a distant land, served with love and a whole lot of swag.