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31 Jan 2022 by Ishu

Of course you know that love comes in many forms! Romantic relationships are just one such form that is most closely associated with Valentine’s Day. But there is the love you feel for family and friends, there is also the love you feel when you see the furiously wagging tail of your pet and there is the love that you have for your hard-working team. 

It used to be fairly easy to give gifts to your team - almost everybody was in the office and you could arrange to have flowers or candies or other goodies delivered to their desks. But now, with the pandemic and the rise of the global workforce, it is quite possible that your team members are now spread all over the world or are working from home in the USA.

But, love finds a way, doesn’t it? Just as your remote team is using the internet to do their work, you can use the same to show them love! There are plenty of benefits in recognising your remote team’s work. The easiest way is to do this with candy but we are sure you can think of many different ways in which you can spread love and good cheer.

Benefit 1: keep them engaged. Remote teams often struggle with a sense of connection. Working in physical teams has oodles of benefits and the main one is the sense of being in touch with one another. Remote workers can feel isolated and can struggle with non-work challenges galore. A gift hamper from you, containing a bunch of confectionery, is the easiest way to bring a smile to their faces and to stay engaged with the company. 

Benefit 2: please, not another coffee mug. As useful as they are, why would you send yet another mug (or anything else that is mundane) to your team member? Make them feel special by giving them the choice of gifts - online shops like CandySwag do just that - give the recipient the choice of goodies. 

Benefit 3: good for everybody. Gifts are great for everybody and Valentine’s Day is when you can show them that you care. New recruits, old timers, sales teams, the HR people and maybe even ex-colleagues or people who have retired but have helped build the company - show them all that you remember and value their work. 

Benefit 4: going beyond your team. Yes, your remote team is the greatest source of growth but it is also useful to send gifts to customers, suppliers, external consultants and all the other people who have contributed to the growth and success of your brand.

Benefit 5: it’s the perfect day! Well, the whole point of Valentine’s Day is to show you care. So, even if you have not been able to bring your remote workers to the office and (paint the town, or should we say, desks, red) you can still make their day really sweet.

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