You got to have candy at Christmas

13 Dec 2021 by Ishu

The Holiday Season is perfect for gifting and receiving candy. With Christmas around the corner, ‘tis the time to be merry and sweet, in more ways than one. One of the easiest ways to be the perfect gift-giver is to give candy gifts. Couple this with the convenience of online candy shops and you know you have a good thing going!

The candy cane is the traditional symbol of Christmas sweets. The history of candy canes dates back to 1670, when a choirmaster gave his noisy choir members edible sweet sticks shaped like shepherds’ crooks. These sweet sticks must have done their jobs really well because children love these uniquely-shaped candies, even today.

Well, candies are not really limited to children! And sweets are certainly not limited to Candy Canes either. If you want to play your role of Secret Santa to perfection, or maybe gift candy to show your appreciation to a team member, or just simply send candy as a Christmas gift, walk right into the land of CandySwag.

We know how stressful Christmas gift shopping can be. Your gifts have to be just right, personalised and accepted with happiness. Gifting candy ticks all these boxes. 

Choose from a wide range of gummies, chocolate, hard candy, chewies and savory treats. Christmas colors are found in a few of our popular candies too; Watermelon Slices, Rose Blooms, Polar Bears and Wild Strawberries. 

Or you could go with decadent, delicious and divine chocolates like Dark Pomegranate Orbs, Prosecco Bonbons and Jordan Almonds. 

Here’s another reason why shopping at CandySwag is sweeter at Christmas - you can allow the recipient to do the selecting! While conventional gifts get regifted- receivers of candy (almost) never take that option. 

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