Starry Candy

17 Jan 2022 by Ishu

Zodiac signs are fascinating. Delving into the traits of each zodiac sign and even the foods they love to eat makes for great fun. And while you will always have that one person in your circle who says they don’t have any of the traits of their zodiac sign, you could have great fun choosing candy based on the personality of your candy recipient’s zodiac sign. So here’s a little guide to get you started. 

Aries people have got to lead the list and the world itself. Known to be highly competitive and a fire sign, Aries is naturally dynamic. Spicy Habanero Rockets might just appeal to them a lot!

Earthy, serene, laidback Taureans love luscious flavours and being pampered. While almost all our candies can entrance a Taurus person, we suggest the ever-so-delicious Dark Tiramisu.

Playful Gemini can keep you in a good mood all the time! This air sign loves to be child-like and are examples of being adorably curious. The colourfulness of Chocolate Sunflower Kernels should satisfy their souls. 

People born under the sign of Cancer are said to be intuitive. You may have to work extra-hard to earn their trust and get them to come out of their shells, but maybe a gift of Jordan Almonds can help you along. 

Leo, the dramatic, fiery, and flamboyant sign - you can see them basking in the sunlight created by their own selves! The tawny hued Mango-Passionfruit Puffs are just the thing for them. 

If you want things done perfectly, give the job to a Virgo. They can drive you crazy with their need to be organized and systematic and might ask you many questions on your choice of candy. But, the uniform look of Thyme Drops should appeal to them.

It’s all about equipoise and calmness for the Libran. It does make sense to give them two gifts then (just to even things out). The combination of ginger and citrus works well too. The balance of flavours in Ginger-Orange Drops and Ginger-Lemon Gummies will get their nod of approval.

Known to be inscrutable and dynamic, Scorpio is a sign that can be super-powerful and courageous. It is a water sign but, we think Hot Tamales are a chewy treat they will love. They look ferocious but are sweet as well. 

Sagittarius is known to be a seeker - they seek knowledge & adventure and are constantly on the lookout for their next satisfying pursuit. Give them more energy and zing with Peppermint Taffy.

Traditionally, Capricorns are known for their patience. They will get to their goals in a calm and determined manner. They can march like an inexorable army on their paths and maybe that’s why you can give them Red Fruit Troops.

They love to heal, they love to innovate and love to be rebellious too. For an Aquarian who wants to change the world and get people to think out of the box, it has to be French Burnt Peanuts all the way!

Pisces - they can be doing anything at any time or think of two different things at the same time too. Reality lives in seamless harmony with fantasy in the Pisces brain. So, you have to give them two different treats too. Dreamy looking Rose Blooms and the hard candy Green Apple Drops should do it for the Piscean. 

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