Top 8 Reasons Why Your Next Gift Should Be Candy

07 Jan 2022 by Ishu

The pandemic may have compelled us to change in many ways. This is especially true about our ability to meet people and celebrate occasions in the physical domain. Exchanging gifts and hugs is much more fun in the real world, isn’t it? 

But we adapt and make things better, most of the time. While CandySwag can’t help with the hugs, we sure can help with the gifts, and the sweetest of them at that! Candy and chocolates have long been some of the most popular gifts to give and receive. And here’s why…

1. Happiness. Conveniently ‘packaged’ too!

Emotions cannot really be packaged, but when you know that someone is going through a rough time or someone else who is celebrating something special, you can send them support and happiness with some candy. And your giftee also gets to choose their preferred / favorite candy too. Happiness cannot get more personalised than this!  

2. Free shipping (to all 50 states of the USA)

Regardless of where you are located, you can reach your gift recipient anywhere in the USA (with free shipping, and tracking), with the CandySwag way.

3. It’s all about the selection

Chewies, gummies, gourmet gummies, savoury treats, hard candy, sour candy, sugar-free options, chocolates, treats with nuts, treats without nuts, candy for specific diet restrictions and so much more. You are sure to find that perfect selection when you shop online. 

4. You get the gift really quickly! (& they get it too)

If you are someone who knows exactly what you want, then online shopping for candy is the smart, instant gratification choice. What's more, your ‘giftee’ gets it quickly as well. Seven business days is the maximum time we take to deliver deliciousness.

5. Door delivery

Your CandySwag gift reaches within 2-7 business days once it has left our facility. Tracking information is emailed as soon as the gift is shipped. So why waste time driving to the supermarket to get your sugar fix when you can get it delivered to your doorstep?

6. It’s all about the look

A gift is made better with the wrapping, right? Beautiful paper, luscious bows, silky ribbons et al - they all go into the unique vorfreude of opening a gift. We put a lot of thought into our boxes as well. The very chic black & pink CandySwag boxes, with the treats packed in individual mini-packs within, are slowly but surely making their mark in the swag world. 

7. There’s something for everyone

Employees, colleagues, bosses, life partners, family, friends and even for your own self - there’s a perfect selection of candies and chocolates for everybody. You just have to take a bit of time (well, maybe a little more than a bit, because we do have a lot of treats to choose from!), make a selection and you're done!

8. There’s something for every occasion

Say it with the right candy- welcoming new members into the company, congratulating somebody on their engagement, corporate gifting, holiday greetings, and most importantly these days - rewarding remote employees- say it with candy all the way. 


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