Saying it Sweetly

02 Dec 2021 by Ishu

Almost everybody knows what Forrest Gump meant when he said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Sometimes this uncertainty is filled with delightful surprises that can stock up your treasure chest of experiences with utterly delectable memories.

Other times, we are  sent on a dizzyingly tangential road and have to deal with mega challenges such as a pandemic. But even during such an unimaginably difficult time, the human race’s capacity to persevere, adapt and move ahead is something to celebrate.

And it is this thought - the need to celebrate strength and resilience - that helped create CandySwag. 

Candy transcends almost all barriers - distance, occasion, gender, language and age too! After all, biting into a gummie or a chocolate or making that hard candy last and last, takes us all back to our childhood, doesn't it? 

At CandySwag, we believe that there is a chocolate for every person. You can take all your love and goodwill, put it into a basket of sweets and allow us to send it across to that lucky someone. This is especially useful when companies are dealing with remote workers; something that has made office parties and other get-togethers almost impossible. So, how do you show your appreciation to your team and send across the equivalent of corporate swag to your employees?

Perhaps you could break free from the limitations of conventional gifting, go one step further and personalise  the whole process.  It is hugely convenient for you to gift candy, chosen from a carefully curated & customized collection (we love our alliterations). And it is (almost) completely guaranteed that you will turn the recipient into a ‘kid in a candy store.’ 

You can also leave the choice of candies to the recipient. You choose the size of the gift box and they have a fun time selecting their favourite flavours from a premium assortment of candies. 

We hope that CandySwag helps you say it sweetly, in more ways than one!

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